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3rd Degree

Hitting it hard in the rap game right now, making things happen, is a couple of guys going by the name of 3rd Degree. Their latest single “My Momma” from the mixtape “Respect the Shooter”, is a chilling account of relationships between drug dealers and their mothers.

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3rd Twin

3rd Twin is a hip hop artist making big noise and doing big things out of Portland, Oregon.

Tony Coke: Does the Portland hip hop scene have it’s own style, or does it align with west coast rap and hip hop?
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Privazy Interview

I’m talking with hip hop artist, Privazy. There’s buzz building about this guy. He portrays a kind of mysterious persona, which is cool since so many hip hop artists are the exact opposite.

Tony Coke: Give us the run down… who is Privazy, and […]

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Riff Double O

Yo, it’s Tony Coke with Bands Rising!
Today I got a chance to talk with Riff Double O, a producer, song writer and beat master.

Tony Coke: What’s your musical background? Did you grow up playing an instrument, or did you go straight to […]

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Juice Kumari

Hailing from London, the multi-talented Juice Kumari brings a mashup of styles and cultures into the Hip Hop game. Her latest EP, ‘Circus Fun’, is a great example of this.

Tony Coke:  How long have you been writing and performing and is there one moment […]

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