Mazement – Mixtape

mazementTony Coke: Last I talked with you, “Life” was just released. It really is a great track. How has the response been?

Mazement: Life is doing great, the response has been consistent and the sales are above what was expected.

Tony Coke: Great! You also said you would be releasing a mix tape mid to late summer, how’s that going?

Mazement: Awesome, everything is going as planned. The mixtape is set to release on August 31st titled “Reality Revised Vol. 1”

Tony Coke: That’s awesome, rarely do things go as planned. For those not in the Hip Hop world, can you explain exactly what a mixtape is?

Mazement: Yeah, a mixtape can be released in any genre technically, but it’s usually a compilation of songs chosen by the artist to release, sometimes involving a theme, or just a random selection of songs that were never released before.

Tony Coke: Cool, what triggered the name “Reality Revised” for your mixtape?

Mazement: The title is based on the imperfections of reality, inspired by humorous mistakes I and many other people make on a daily basis. A handful of humorous scenarios are mentioned throughout the mixtape that are pretty entertaining.

Tony Coke: Ok, so what is the funniest scenario on the mixtape?

Mazement: I think any scenario mentioned on the mixtape deserves the same attention, but in the first track, “Today” I rap about how we are spending money in America today, and I mention how we buy a kid a cell phone who’d rather play with a kite, which is funny, just because 20 years ago, that wasn’t even a thought in any parents mind, but it goes to show you the difference in “reality” today.

Tony Coke: For sure, I can’t even remember the last time I saw a kite! How long did it take you to create the whole mixtape?

Mazement: About 6 months due to the production, brainstorming and writing it all myself.

Tony Coke: It sounds like a lot of work. What would you say is the biggest challenge of creating a mixtape?

Mazement: Marketing. As an artist/musician I find myself 80% of the time focussing on the marketing aspect instead of the music. It just becomes addicting and/or time consuming.
Tony Coke: Man I feel you! I find myself thinking, “If i concentrated on creating more, I’d have more, better music, but then no one would ever hear it!” It’s such a hard balancing act to manage. Do you have any live shows planned?

Mazement: So far I have two in September, the 12th at Billie’s Black in NY, and the 19th at Jimmy’s Saloon in RI. There will most likely be more, anyone can stay tuned on or

Tony Coke: Man, it’s a pleasure again. You get it, you work it, you’re talented, and the best to you! Catch up soon.

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