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Privazy Album Release

I’m back again with Privazy, an artists who actually does what he says! After teasing a single with us, his album ‘Grey Habits’ is now out… on time! That’s pretty hard to do, there are so many things that can go wrong.

Tony Coke: What were the biggest challenges in getting this album done, and done on time?

Privazy: Before we get started man I just want to say I appreciate you for having me. Every bit of help is a stepping stone to helping me reach my dreams. But one of the biggest challenges of making this project was deciding which songs to place on it, and the exact track order. To me: the rollout is everything. How the consumers experience the product determines that special connection between the listeners and the artist. Timing wasn’t too big of a problem because I always plan to the worst case scenario. I try to record more than enough material, not only for you guys but for me; I really enjoy my own music.

Tony Coke: Walk us through the process of how you and Oliver North put a track together.

Privazy: So me and Oliver pretty much had the blueprint of this project laid down 4 months ago (That’s how long it took to piece it together). What we were aiming to do was give every song it’s own special moment & feeling. Just based off of how technology has changed the music industry and how people listen, I’m completely aware every person who clicks my music isn’t going to fall in love with EVERY song. That’s part of the reason it’s only 8 tracks long. So our objective was to make every song so different conceptually, that whatever the favorite song was, they could continuously play it back without feeling bored of it. Every song should have its own feeling or visually present something different over & over.

Tony Coke: Very cool. Is this a Soundcloud only release? Or can people purchase it else where?

Privazy: The easiest way for people to find it is but yes the main host of the project is Soundcloud and it can also be found on Audiomack. We don’t have it on iTunes just yet because it’s such a long process with the samples & paperwork but in time it’ll be listed on there as well.

Tony Coke: Why did you put this release together?

Privazy: The sole reason Oliver, Devin (Publicist), Zook (Visual Director) & I put this project together is to display diversity. I don’t like labels. I don’t like categories. We wanted to create music that no one would be able to put into a box. I look at my music as art, literally. Sounds cheesy, but I take it serious. You can tell me I’m good, you could tell me I’m bad, my response to you would be, “Compared to who”? Why is music the only art form we have to judge so harshly? When people go to an art gallery do you think they compare paintings from an artist to their previous work?

We want to change the way people think & experience music. It should be all about the sounds and pictures it creates for you. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so to be completely honest, I don’t care who doesn’t like my music. All I care about is the people who like it. If I have one supporter, or millions, I’ll still feel the same way about my craft.

That’s the reason I don’t publicly display my view count, likes or whatever ridiculous stats that are out there. I have songs that have 20 thousand views and I have some that are at 500 views, does that determine the greatness of the song? Why do we judge artists based on their popularity and not their actual work? It pains me because a lot of my friends that are artists who make great material, they just don’t have the exposure. It shouldn’t be about anything other than the music that forms your opinion at the end of the day. Well, at least that’s how I see it.

Tony Coke: What’s up now that it’s out? How will you market it? What are your goals for the release? Are you already planning another?Privazy Light

Privazy: Now that it’s released, I just have to keep believing in my team and let them do the great job I know they can do exposing it to as many people as possible. All I focus on is the music and creating the best music I can create. I have to let it live it’s life on its own and let it grow; along with me as an artist.

And yes, I’ve already started on my next project. I’m not moving my focus from ‘Gray Habits’, I’m just simply working to perfect my craft simultaneously. This is only the beginning, I hope everyone is as excited as I am for my next release. I’m going to work my ass off on it to make it be able to stand great alone without comparisons to ‘Gray Habits’.

Tony Coke: Great, I for one am looking forward to it, and good luck with the release of ‘Grey Habits’.

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