Kid J Interview

Going against the grain is the best way to be heard. Kid J is a Christian Hip Hop artist from Cali, which certainly sets him apart from the typical persona portrayed by rappers today.

Tony Coke: Are you a Christian that found rap, or a rapper that found Christianity?
Kid J: Actually Tony, I was raised to know God but never had a personal relationship with God and was not saved till I was 14 when I started Christian rap. So I guess I found them together. Which is how I knew that’s what God wanted me to do.

Tony Coke: On your track, “Livin My Life”, there is some looped guitar. Do you play guitar as well? Where did you lay down that track?

Kid J: Actually I can’t play any instruments I can only rap ha! Pariecee McGriff out of 777 studios produced the beat. Very talented producer.

Tony Coke: Where are you located and what is the music scene like there?

Kid J: I’m located in small town Tehachapi California the music scene is filled with hiding artists but I’m the only Christian artist here.

Tony Coke: I hear you have a big show coming up, give us the down low on that.

Kid J: Yes I do, I have a few shows coming up. But the big one is November sometime not decided yet, but it will be with a good friend M.A.D (Bruce yokley) and other good names. But the word is Stevie Stone (tech9s last featuring artist) will be main eventing. My first shows huge! Gods blessing me.

Tony Coke: What’s on Kid J’s agenda for the rest of 2015 and how can people connect with you?

Kid J: I’ll be touring California doing shows. I’ve got more songs coming out soon. Just gotta stick to God always. You can connect with me through my Facebook page, kidjentertainment.

Tony Coke: Good talking to you, best of luck!

Kid J: Thanks God bless.

Facebook: Kid J Entertainment
Instagram: Kid J Entertainment