Jermaine and Saint O

Today we’re talking with Jermaine St. Omer who is the bandleader for “Jermaine and Saint O”. The Band plays a special brand of Jazz known as “Afro Caribbean Jazz”, where they include a steel pan to give the music a very distinct island sound.

Tony Coke: Where are you from and how long have you been making music?

Jermaine: I am originally from the Caribbean island of St.Lucia,but have made Canada my home for a number of years.I have been exposed to music since the age of 17 ,playing with the renowned Tru-Tones on the island of St.Lucia.

Tony Coke: What are you currently promoting?

Jermaine: We are currently promoting our participation in a band competition hosted by Landmark Events, in hopes of scoring a recording contract with a major label. We have just been confirmed to move on to the finals on January 16/2016.

Tony Coke: Awesome! Congratulations! That’s very interesting, how does that work?

Jermaine: Whats interesting is that we get to showcase our talent to a host of industry professionals including record company executives, publicists, managers, producers etc., who wouldn’t have had the opportunity to see us on the festival circuit.

Tony Coke: Very cool, so is your goal just to get a record deal?

Jermaine: Our current musical goals are to take our show to the international market, where we can share our love for our musical genre, “Afro Caribbean Jazz”. The sky is the limit in our pursuit of the musical dream, to be recognized and respected as music professionals.

Tony Coke: I love it, what’s are you guys working on next?

Jermaine: We are currently working with our marketing team, web designer, videographer and media consultant to launch our band Jermaine and SAINT “O” for the 2016 jazz season both locally and internationally.

Tony Coke: Great, great. That sounds like a really cool genre and circuit to be on with opportunities around the world. Best of luck to you guys!

Stay up to date with Jermaine and Saint O on their website or Facebook page.

Website: http://saintocaribbeanjazz.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/saintomusic/