Saint Nick

Saint Nick is a Hip Hop artist coming at us from the windy city of Chicago.
Tony Coke: Saint Nick! Where are you from and how long have you been making music?

Saint Nick: Born in Hammond Indiana, living in Chicago now. Been making music for years.

Tony Coke: Great, what do you having on right now, what are you currently promoting?

Saint Nick: My latest mixtape “Holy Saint” out now on Livemixtapes

Tony Coke: What’s interesting about this project?

Saint Nick: Its on alot of popular outlets and it has its own sound, very original.

Tony Coke: Cool, what are your current musical career goals?

Saint Nick: To be a major Indie artist, headlining my own tours.

Tony Coke: Nice, nice: What’s coming up next for you?

Saint Nick: Working on a new solo project & a collab project with my music partner Picaso Swag.

Tony Coke: Allright! Best of luck, let us know when your new project comes out!

Connect with Saint Nick on all of the normal social media outlets – @NickASaint