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Happy 4th of July everyone!
The United States of America is a special place. Where one has the freedom to follow their dreams, no matter what they may be. We have the freedom to pursue our interests and passions, and we have the right to earn a living with those interests and passions.
JD Nude is a Hip Hop artist who proudly displays his passion for nudity, weed, and rap.

Tony Coke: What kind of response have you been getting to your music? I’m sure nudists and stoners love it, are you getting any hate from more conservative people?

JD Nude: Yes, some people judge, some are offended, some even hate. There are also people who dig my music, they like my original and fresh new sound, they appreciate me for bringing something new to Hip-Hop. It is what it is though, my music & subject matter is very different from traditional hip-hop, so it will have people feeling a certain type of way.

Tony Coke: Your teaser for the No Gucci No Prada video features you, naked. Obviously that is going to limit distribution opportunities. How do you plan on getting eyes on your video?

JD Nude: The Vimeo community is very open minded, so I was able to upload the teaser there. The trailer has been online for about 4 days and already has 1000+ views, so it is seen by some eyes, just not all (and it’s not meant to). I know the imagery limits me to an extent, but then again, my music is not for everyone and I’m not trying to be the next big thing. I just really enjoy making music, and I share it with those who like what I do.

Tony Coke: You can see the teaser video here:
Warning: NSFW – Guy wearing nothing but a mask, sitting on a tree, smoking a cigarette.

There is nothing sexual about the video teaser, but are porn viewers one of your target audience? Do people confuse nudism with porn?

JD Nude: Porn viewers are definitely not my target audience. As you said, people often associate nudity/nudism with sex and even porn and that is not what nudism is about at all. It’s about feeling comfortable in your own skin, about body acceptance and being in harmony with nature to begin with. I could go on and on about the subject, but you can read about this on many websites so for the people who wanna know more just Google it. It feels great to do things without the restraint of clothes and the people who actually try it usually enjoy it way more than they imagined.

Tony Coke: Do you make the beats and do the production as well?

JD Nude: Yes, I do everything myself. I write, produce, mix/master, arrange etc. I also do graphics and other things, I consider myself a very creative person, always was, always will be.

Tony Coke: Is this your only musical project? I’m thinking you’re probably in a well respected country band or something, and this is project is a total opposite creative release and marketing exercise.

JD Nude: I’m not in any country band haha, but I have worked with other stuff as well in the past. This is a fairly new “project”, I wanted to just be me, and make the music I wanted to make, and express myself freely. I was tired of making music that’s in demand, I wanted to really do my own thing and to be honest, for the people that like it, I’m really grateful and the ones that don’t, I couldn’t care less.


Tony Coke: Do you perform live naked? That sounds like it would get you arrested.

JD Nude: Actually I have never performed live with my new music. I released the first song about 10 days ago, so the whole thing is in its initial stages. I have performed a few times live in the past, but it was with another project. We’ll see how everything goes, but I would definitely love to do some shows again. I could perform with my clothes on if needed, but if possible, I’d much rather do it in the nude of course. I don’t really know about the whole getting arrested thing, I believe artists (in other genres) have performed without their clothes on, so you just have to make sure that the venue, place or event allows it.

Tony Coke: What are your plans after the release of the EP?

JD Nude: I will keep making music and as mentioned earlier, it would be awesome to do some shows, but I know it is a long shot because of how different my music is. ‘The Naked I’ EP doesn’t have any guest appearances or other producers, so maybe after the project is released I might collaborate with other artists/producers/musicians, we’ll see. I would like to finish the interview by encouraging people to have a positive mindset, to just be themselves, to follow their heart and their dreams, and to enjoy their life and not care about what others might think or say. We are all humans, we are all equal, but at the same time different to a certain extent, so let’s respect each other and live in peace. We all deserve to be happy. Thank you so much for having me on your site, and for the interview.

Tony Coke: Thank you Mr. Nude, it’s always good to see people following their hearts!

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