YDN Prof!t

Thanks again to Michelle from RAW for bringing us another artist who’s making things happen.
This time it’s YDN Prof!t with 416 TeamNoSleep.

Tony Coke: Where are you from and how long have you been making music?

YDN Prof!t: I am from Mississauga, Ontario more specifically a town called Meadowvale. I’ve resided here for approximately 13 years. I have been making music for about 5 years now, but I would consider the more recent 3 the most focused. 

Tony Coke: What are you currently promoting?

YDN Prof!t: I am currently promoting my new single “Come To My Door” for which I have a co-directed visual releasing on the 26th. This record follows my story during a time when I was living away from home. I love this record because of it’s happy vibe and the final sound I was able to achieve on my vocals. The song conveys why I am usually too occupied to socialize through a fun, up-tempo sound that is currently available on iTunes and other e-stores around the world. ( 

Tony Coke: I know what you mean about being to occupied to socialize!!

YDN Prof!t: As for my team efforts, we are in the process of finalizing an EP set to release around Christmas titled “6 Nights”. This is an exciting project for me as it will be the first piece I get to engineer from top to bottom on my own. I intend on delivering the best quality sound to match the groups performing and writing talents. I have also attached the cover art done by group member Dj Cortez. 


Tony Coke: What are you looking to get into now and in the future?

YDN Prof!t:   At this point in my musical career, I have my eyes set on rocking shows and travelling. My age has held me back from many venues and I feel that as my 19th birthday approaches, I am finally offering a sound that can arouse a whole crowd. I’m looking forward to that. Also, I’d like to produce a hit record for someone or myself whichever comes first; and prove that I am truly multi-talented. 

Tony Coke: It sounds like you have the ambition to do it. So what’s up next for you?
YDN Prof!t: Following our team EP “6 Nights”, I will be releasing a self-produced album titled, YDN. I have been working on my production skills and upgrading my equipment gradually so I am extremely focused about this project. As I self-manage and market, this album is the biggest challenge I’ve ever taken on musically and I feel will be pivotal in my career. For the album, I have refined my sound to a funny, intelligent vibe that I hope the youth will absorb in contrast to today’s other forms of hip-hop. I will be including more expressive tracks as well as different genres. So look out for our EP and my album on the way, and if possible join me and the team at a live event. 

Tony Coke: Perhaps on November 19th at the RAW: toronto UPRISING event.

November 19th, 2015
8pm – 2am
Mod Club (722 College, St.)
Tickets: $15 Advance (, $20 at door

RAW:Toronto is pleased to announce an epic evening of everything art! Featuring Visual Art, Photography, Fashion, Music, Performance Artists, Accessories, Hair and Make-Up Artists!

Official Site (
Team Youtube: 
    – “Hold $um” Video Out Now 
    – “Come To My Door” Premieres Oct. 26th