Xavier Toscano

He is an artist from the West Coast, who is an actor as well as a musician and has a lot going on aside from music. He also has quite an impressive licensing resume for his latest album…

Tony Coke: Where are you from and how long have you been making music?

Xavier Toscano: I am based out of San Jose, CA and have been performing since 2008

Tony Coke: Do you create the tracks as well as the vocals?

Xavier Toscano: I only do vocals, but I do write my own lyrics and melodies.

Tony Coke: You have chosen to give away your music for free on your website, how do you monetize your musical career?

Xavier Toscano: At this point in my career, it seems that fame is the best form of compensation. But I have also scored (lucky me) 6 publishing deals from this album, and had 5 songs featured on the latest season of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”.

Tony Coke: You are an actor as well? Do you prefer acting or music?

Xavier Toscano: Yes, I am an actor as well. I prefer music… Hands down! 🙂

Tony Coke: What are your goals for the rest of 2015 and how can people connect with you?

Xavier Toscano: My greatest goal at the time is to go on a tour. A world tour, preferably!
For all things Xavier (pronounced X-a-veer), please check out my web site: http://www.xaviertoscano.com