Aug 12, 2015

Wes Kardigan

wes_at_def_jamI talk with a lot of talented, up and coming musicians, but it’s a real pleasure when I get to sit down with someone who has been in the industry as long as I have. Wes Kardigan is a Hip Hop “everything”, out of Chicago. He can write, he can produce, he can record…

Tony Coke: You’ve been at it a while and have a long list of accomplishments to your credit. What are you most proud of in your music career?

Wes Kardigan: The ability to say that after all of this time and money put into this, I still have the faith, talent and hunger to go even harder at working towards achieving my goals and getting my dreams out. #PushingForward

Tony Coke: That’s very humble of you! What projects do you have in the fire right now?

Wes Kardigan: By the time this interview is published, I will be pushing my new single, “HUSTLE”, which I also produced, and will be available on iTunes and all other major music digital outlets. #Progression

Tony Coke: Great! Can’t wait to hear it, pass it on over to me. I heard you recently went to New York to meet with Def Jam Records? What’s the story there?

Wes Kardigan: The meeting itself came about as part of this event called The Major Record Label Showcase (New York Edition). During this event, artists from Chicago traveled to NY for an opportunity to meet with A&R’s from such companies as Def Jam, Atlantic, and RocNation. I was blessed with the chance to sit down and talk with Polo from Def Jam. He listened to, and liked, “Ah Yeah”, while checking out my write-up in the 2015 “ARTISTS TO WATCH” section of the “FRESHMEN CLASS ISSUE” of the XXL MAGAZINE (PAGE 69). From there, he gave me some advice about what he would like to hear more from me as an artist in order to:

  1. Make him a fan of my music, even more, 1st and foremost.
  2. Increase my chances of creating a bigger buzz, which in turn, increases my chances of getting signed.

Although I traveled with about 6 other acts, I was the only one that got to perform live for Polo in his office. Definitely a memorable experience for myself. #2ThumbsUp

Tony Coke: I really like the beats behind your tracks, especially on “Someday” and “Ah yeah”. They have a lot of diverse instruments and sound. Do you do all your own beats?

Wes Kardigan: First off, thank you. It means a lot to know that people are feeling my style of production. Hopefully, I can continue that trend with “HUSTLE”, which is available on iTunes and all other major music digital outlets. Yes, I do make all of my own beats. For that, I thank my god-brother, Byron Norfleet, for teaching me how to make tracks. However, even though I am meticulous when it comes to production, I am open to hopping on other producers’ beats. #DualThreat

Tony Coke: You’ve worked with a lot of great people… who’s the biggest dick, and who’s the most professional people you have worked with?

Wes Kardigan: Well as far as the biggest jerk, lolbvs, I’m not going to waste my breath giving anybody with that kind of aura/label any type of publicity, time or shine. I stay focused on the positive things because I have a lot to be positive about. Showcase (Founder of H3 Ent.), Boaz McGee (CEO of GoSity Ent.) and Kitt Addison (Owner of PipeDown Productions/Recording Studios) have been some of the most professional people that I’ve worked with and those brothers know how much I appreciate them. #Salute


Tony Coke: What’s on the horizon for Wes Kardigan and what’s the best way for people to join your clan and keep up with you?

Wes Kardigan: More music, more traveling, more networking, and more interacting with potential fans. Follow me on instagram, twitter and TSU, go like my music Facebook page and check out my music on Soundcloud and Reverbnation.
In conclusion, I would like to say peace and blessings to everyone involved in making this interview possible as well as a big thank you to you “The Readers”.
Support real hip-hop ladies and gents and go purchase “AH YEAH (SHE NEEDS ME)” and “HUSTLE” available on iTunes and all other major music digital outlets. #OneLove

Tony Coke: Thanks Wes, best of luck and I look forward to hearing the new tracks.


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