Tools For Musicians and Managers

Here I will be listing helpful tools to assist you with marketing your music career.
Let’s start with my favorite.

Music Marketing Manifesto – Free Video

Music Marketing Manifest by John Oszajca has been huge for me.
This course is not some “make sure to share your music on Facebook” type of course.
It’s so much more.
John can be long winded at times, but he teaches you solid marketing skills, from starting a website and email marketing, to advanced ad techniques and everything in between.

Like I said, this has nothing to do with playing music, it teaches you how to build your brand and market your music.

John is a cool dude. He had a huge record deal only to see the music industry change. He turned to online marketing and made some money, then brought that knowledge back to the music side of things.

Managers need to know this stuff for sure.
Solo artists or bands, someone needs to be implementing these techniques for your business.

It’s freaking cheap – a must have. But you have to work it!

Music Marketing Manifesto – Free Video

Click the link above to see a video explaining the program.