Privazy Interview

I’m talking with hip hop artist, Privazy. There’s buzz building about this guy. He portrays a kind of mysterious persona, which is cool since so many hip hop artists are the exact opposite.

Tony Coke: Give us the run down… who is Privazy, and where are you from?

Privazy: Privazy is a kid trying to push the limits of creativity through music. I’m from a small town in New Jersey called Millville. If yall watch baseball much: I went to high school with Mike Trout.

Tony Coke: Damn, he’s a beast! There must be something in the water in Millville. Do you make your beats or focus solely on the lyrics?

Privazy: I wish I could take the credit for my beats but I can’t. That’s my brother Oliver North. He’s sick. But yeah I focus on pretty much everything. Even if I may not be the one who created it. I don’t think I would be able to be considered an artist if all I did was focus on the music. I have my hands in everything I do from choosing the production, all the way to down to the way my publicist sends out emails. I want to do it all.

Tony Coke: You’ve been getting play in the UK, did that just come from word or mouth, or how did that come about?

Privazy: And man did you see that!? I was so stoked. That’s all thanks to my many different promoters. Im grateful. It reached out there and then somehow a few of those people got in touch with me. So sick.

Tony Coke: What kind of marketing and promotion has worked best for you so far?

Privazy: The best marketing that’s worked for me is honestly not doing the same method over and over. I honestly don’t even know how I get these promotions and get blog placements. It’s all so random. I normally just find dope people on the internet and I ask them for an opinion. Some people spread the word & others hook me up with more connections.


Tony Coke: What’s on tap for Prizacy through out 2015?

Privazy: I have so much coming up soon it’s crazy. I have an EP coming out in a few months that I’m real excited about. But other than that just music. I have to keep working and developing myself to be the best I can be. I have a lot of collaborations and projects I’m assisting on that’ll be out soon. That’s gonna be tight. But I’m just going to really be putting out a lot of stuff as much as I can in a quality, creative way. I’m going to shove my name down everyone’s throats. I have a lot to prove and get done, I won’t get there by not giving it my all.

Tony Coke: Cool man… I look forward to hearing more sick tracks coming out of your camp on the new EP.

To connect with Privazy, hit him up on Twitter and check out his soundcloud.


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