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About This Gig:

***Be sure to check out the extras to learn about the audio interview!

I will interview you or your band and post the interview on my website, bandsrising(.com)

BandsRising is a radio show, website and social media entity featuring music from talented, hardworking (usually unsigned) artists, as well as interviews of musicians, bands, and music industry professionals... Learn More and Book This Gig


About This Gig:

I will write your name or message, draw your logo or website URL, in chalk, on the door of my 1960 Porsche 356b which is painted with chalk board paint!

A .jpg photo taken with my iPhone 5s will be sent to you within 5 days... Book This Gig

Search "Car of Chalk" on Fiverr if the link doesn't take you directly to the gig.