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Jun 23, 2015

New Track from Privazy – Awareness

“Awareness” The latest track from Jersey artist, Privazy.

Some songs make you move, some make you think. This song does both.

When the beat kicks in, the laid back tempo won’t have you dancing, but will get your head moving up and down like head banging in slow motion.

Hit play and keep reading.

The focal point of the song is the lyrical message.
It kicks you right in the fucking teeth with the first line …

“Fuck America, Fuck this education, I ain’t a fuckin’ doctor, that’s why I don’t see patients.”

I get the feeling “patience” is what he’s really talking about.
Frustration backgrounds the entire track which is overlain with sympathetic vocal parts as if to say, “I feel your pain, we’ll get through this”.

What I really like about this track is that they also say “Fuck you!” to traditional song structure. Verse? Chorus? Not really. As your head moves up and down, your mind moves left and right as your guided through the hills and valleys of production.

Working with 60 on this track, the sound is a departure from Privazy’s previous tracks. The beat comes in when you need it, then it drops back again when you don’t notice, building that emotional angst so that you are begging for the beat one more time.

It’s cool to see bands and artists improve, succeed and rise up, and Privazy working hard and doing all three.

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