DJ Emotion Interview

Today I’m chatting with DJ Emotion, creator of the Traveling DJ Radio program, and obviously, a DJ himself….

Tony Coke: Tell us the concept behind Traveling DJ radio and how can people listen?

DJ Emotion: Traveling DJ’s was a concept I started around a year ago. There used to be a Facebook group for DJs on cruise ships and it had around 25 members. The admin, who’s a good friend of mine, as well DJ on cruise ships, gave me the group and said “maybe you can make something gigantic out of this group”. I decided to call it Traveling DJs. We have around 2500 members and its a humble bunch of DJs that help each other. The website traveling concept was to bring all DJs together on what I call a DJ roster. You dont need to travel to be on the roster but you must be a professianl DJ. Each DJ gets there own webpage complete with social media, biogrphy, pictures, videos, basically everything you need to get exposure. I run a website called and DJs were constanly losing there DJ Press kits, now they have a home on traveling djs where it’s safe. Traveling DJ Radio came to life in July 2015. I was asked to do a show on Boogiehillradio and at first I said I just dont have time to do it, then I thought, what if we make it a traveling DJ radio online station where DJs from all over the world can be heard. Rather than taking the credit for myself, I’ll give it back to the DJ commuinity.

Tony Coke: I like the idea of getting to know DJ’s before the set. It’s usually just the music and there’s no connection with the man behind the mixer. Do you feel this makes for a better radio program? What kind of feedback have you gotten from listeners?

DJ Emotion: This Friday is the launch so I dont have much feedback as of yet. DJs can sumbit whatever they want. I screen each mix and if I approve, they get free exposure. Main stream radio is dying and with so many options online, where you want, how you want, I think the demand is for online radio.

Tony Coke: It looks like you have a real passion for DJing and helping other DJ’s. Tell us what other stuff you’ve got going on?

DJ Emotion: I’ve been mentoring DJs for years and have built a solid DJ community. Many DJs are excellent DJs, but when it comes to marketing, thats their weakness and someone like myself can help them. I run a website called This website offers a varity of diffrent marketing tools ranging from EPK’s to DJ logos depending on the DJs needs. Mydjdrop offers a variety of voiceover work so DJs can get there DJ Tags or DJ Drops from me.

Tony Coke: How long have you been in the game and how did you get started as a DJ?

DJ Emotion: I started when I was 13, I’m 42 now. I think in my family everyone seems to have a love for music, it just so happened my brother was the musician and I ened up being the DJ. I worked on cruise ships as an DJ for 13 years and recruiting for 3. I only see things growing.
Tony Coke: What’s on the horizon for the remainder of 2015? How do people connect with you?

DJ Emotion: 2015 has been very exciting. As far as what’s on my plate, DJ Press Kits will be getting a facelift, more voiceover artists will be added to mydjdrop and the radio station will grow.

Tony Coke: Cool, sounds like you offer some good services. Best of luck!