Colby Bright Interview

Today I’m talking to Colby Bright a hip hop artist from the south coast and the great state of Texas, home of my favorite rappers (not Beyonce).

Tony Coke: Where in Texas are you from and how long have you been making music?

Colby Bright: I’m from 936, Montgomery, Tx & I’ve been writing poetry since about 12 years old. But didnt actually start Writing/Recording music until around 17-18 years old. So right around 10 years I would say, I’ve actually been “Creating” music. I love the whole process.

Tony Coke: Cool, you’re just a few hours down 45 from me. What projects do you have going on? From what it sounds like, you’ve got your hands full.

Colby Bright: Right now I’m currently promoting this “Victory Lap 2.0” Mixtape & Tour. It’s actually the 2nd volume of this “Victory Lap” Trilogy we’re doing. 3 Tapes, 3 Tours & A Full Length Documentary. Everything has been amazing so far, from the shows to the growth of the music… I’ve been in love with this whole process and loving it more and It’s definitely taking me places that we’ve never been.

Tony Coke: I love how you planned 3 connected releases and tours, plus a documentary.

Colby Bright: The interesting part to me about the whole thing is, as I mentioned before, is that it’s a trilogy series. Showing the growth, all the behind the scenes footage and everything that goes into making mixtapes, tours, music, singles and everything involved in the process of making music a full time career. Each Tape is another level.

Tony Coke: What is your ambition and driving force behind your musical career?

“Worldwide Hustla” Ft Layzie Bone (Of Bone Thugs N Harmony) Produced by Jus Bonafide

Colby Bright: To be the voice of the underdogs and prove that dreams are possible, no matter how high you set your goals, everything is attainable through hard work and dedication.

Tony Coke: I love it, that’s what I’m all about. ANYONE can be successful in the music industry today! What’s coming up next for Colby Bright?

Colby Bright: EVERYTHING!! Lol. But seriously, with the final part of the trilogy series coming up, we are going to be releasing a lot of stuff we’ve been working on behind the scenes and a lot of unannounced material…STAY TUNED!! – @colbybright