Jan 26, 2015

On Girls, Marnie shows us exactly how NOT to handle a tough crowd

Do you watch the HBO show Girls? If you do, you probably already know where I’m going with this. If you don’t, I’ll give you a quick recap of a recent cringe-worthy, awkward, highly-uncomfortable-but-ultimately-kind-of-funny scene […]

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Jan 23, 2015

Your music website needs Instagram!

Want to display your Instagram pics in your HostBaby photo gallery?
Do you want your fans to be able to follow you on Instagram without leaving your website?
We’ve made it super easy.
Click HERE to read the simple instructions and start displaying your […]

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Jan 22, 2015

Smash any goal for 2015 using the Seinfeld Strategy

Jerry Seinfeld is arguably one of the most successful comedians of our time. Wealthy beyond words, he ran his smash hit show ‘Seinfeld’ year after year which snapped up countless awards and all without ever running short of material.
So how did he do it? The answer is […]

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Jan 21, 2015

Does anyone actually discover music on Twitter?

Hip hop blogger Mike Trampe wrote an interesting article you might want to check out about online music promotion called “5 Things Rappers Shouldn’t Be Doing on Social Media.”
It’s all good stuff, but the part that really made me think was […]

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Jan 20, 2015

What makes a great CD Baby music product page?

Someone has landed on the CD Baby page for your album or single. You’re close to making a sale.
Your potential fan has either found your music by:
* browsing on cdbaby.com.
* searching for you online.
* linking from […]

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Jan 19, 2015

CD Baby will handle new VAT changes for EU artists

Have recent changes to EU tax law got you down? Don’t worry, CD Baby is handling it for you!

Many of our European artists have worried about how a new law in the EU concerning VAT (value-added tax) will affect them […]

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Jan 14, 2015

What do teens really think about the big social networks?

How are teens using the big social platforms when it comes to building relationships, sharing media, and discovering music?
Well, maybe a better question to ask yourself first is: do you care?
If your fanbase is comprised mostly of motorcycle-loving retirees, then what a 19 […]

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Jan 14, 2015

7 things you can do with CD Baby’s Music Player that you can’t do with a Bandcamp player

Showcase and sell your music on any website

Let me get this out of the way upfront: I think Bandcamp is great. I’ve put all my albums up there and I love their service […]

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