Sep 15, 2015

FrankOH Interview

From just north of the US border in Toronto, FrankOH is a man following his dream and inspiring others along the way. He inspired me at least!

His new single comes out TODAY, and I had the chance to ask him a few questions about music, life, and […]

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Dizzy Miles

Tony Coke: Your music is hard to define! It’s electronic, do you have any specific genre you like to claim as your own?

Dizzy Miles: Yes, I call my music dance/funk. The track “Dark Elegance”, I classify as classical hip hop. I’m a […]

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Xavier Toscano

He is an artist from the West Coast, who is an actor as well as a musician and has a lot going on aside from music. He also has quite an impressive licensing resume for his latest album…

Tony Coke: Where are you from and how long […]

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Privazy Light

Privazy Album Release

I’m back again with Privazy, an artists who actually does what he says! After teasing a single with us, his album ‘Grey Habits’ is now out… on time! That’s pretty hard to do, there are so many things that can go wrong.

Tony Coke: What […]

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Aug 26, 2015

Girl Toronto

My buddy Michelle over at, has once again contacted me about another talented band they are showcasing, this time out of Toronto, Canada. Girl, features Guy Rubino on guitar and vocals, Jean Sebastien Roy with more guitar and vocals, Grant Brain Scott playing drums […]

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Aug 24, 2015

Rhythm Rug

Songwriter and beat maker, Rhythm Rug has a new single out called “The Giver”, which you can check out below as you read this quick interview with Rhythm Rug himself!

Tony Coke: Your new single, “The Giver”, tell us what has gone into that track, the mixing […]

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Kid J Interview

Going against the grain is the best way to be heard. Kid J is a Christian Hip Hop artist from Cali, which certainly sets him apart from the typical persona portrayed by rappers today.

Tony Coke: Are you a Christian that found rap, or a rapper […]

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Kimia – Interview

I meet so many awesome and inspiring people with BandsRising, some turn out to be right in my own backyard. Kimia is a very diverse and talented musician from London, currently living in Dallas, Tx. She writes and records several different genres of music, and has traveled the […]

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Mazement – Mixtape

Tony Coke: Last I talked with you, “Life” was just released. It really is a great track. How has the response been?

Mazement: Life is doing great, the response has been consistent and the sales are above what was expected.

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DJ Emotion Interview

Today I’m chatting with DJ Emotion, creator of the Traveling DJ Radio program, and obviously, a DJ himself….

Tony Coke: Tell us the concept behind Traveling DJ radio and how can people listen?

DJ Emotion: Traveling DJ’s was a concept I started […]

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