Inspired by an Annoyed David Bowie: My Solemn Oath as a Host, and an Interviewer



‘I, Pallas, Do Solemnly Swear . . . Never to Ask Stupid Questions.’


I had hoped to one day interview David Bowie . A girl can dream. Now that day will never come, but the wish was not entirely pie in the sky.
I began […]

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Mantis Evar – Indaba Music

5:15 New York City Lord Mantis in your radio back out.

Tony: I had the great fortune of running into a really interesting dude named Mantis Evar.

Mantis: My name is Mantis Evar co-founder of Indaba […]

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Paul Young Interview

Tony Coke:
While at the Music Tech and Features Summit recently in Nashville, I had the pleasure of befriending Mr. Paul Young, actually, Dr. Paul Young of the University of Southern California.
He teaches primarily about the business of music including music publishing, record companies, monetizing […]

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