Oct 4, 2015

Cascade Riot

Tony Coke: Who are your top 3 favorite musicians? Who do you want to be compared to?

Cascade Riot: Rather than listing out individual bands/musicians we would instead like to go on record as saying we are inspired by many different rock bands from all eras and all sub-genre’s. In fact, we all grew up loving a lot of classic rock bands and some of those bands are actually a big part of the reason we exist. Eventually we went on to discover lots of different stuff from punk to metal to your mom. As far as who we want to be compared to, the answer would be anyone who doesn’t suck.

Tony Coke: What real-life situation inspired your bands music?

Cascade Riot: There is no one particular thing that inspires our music. We are inspired by everything. Our Code Red EP has a song about an unidentifiable creature attacking a town. Where did that come from? Hell if we know. Doesn’t matter though – it came from somewhere. We just roll with it. There isn’t anything on Earth that CAN’T inspire a song.

Tony Coke: Is the artistic process lonely? How does the band counteract the

Cascade Riot: The opposite. Playing & creating music is what we do. It’s when we’re not doing that that things feel weird. We all have jobs and responsibilities and this is our outlet.

Tony Coke: What do you dislike about the genre your involved in?

Cascade Riot: Elitism.

Tony Coke: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given?

Cascade Riot: Keep your junk away from the blender.

Tony Coke: lol… That’s very profound! Where can people connect with you and listen?